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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Choose Rainbow Realty?

The owners of Rainbow Realty Group have been buying, selling, repairing and renting homes since 1974. We have worked hard to earn the respect and trust of several thousand satisfied customers.

We are licensed Real Estate Brokers who specialize in the home acquisition field. Our knowledge, experience, resources and expertise will make your home selling experience fast, easy and worry free!

It's no wonder why several families and several generations have sold their homes to Rainbow Realty Group.

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Do I Have To Live In The Property?

No, many of our properties are purchased by investors in the business of renting to third party tenants. This is perfectly fine as long as you notify us of your mailing address. If you forget to notify us we will end up sending your mail and important notices to your tenant at the property address.


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How Do I See The Inside of the Property?

To see the inside of any property for sale or rental property is simple. Anyone can take out up to three (3) keys overnight.

  • Visit our office
  • Show your picture I.D.
  • Leave something of value (a piece of I.D. or $20.00)

When you return the keys we will gladly return your I.D. or $20.00. If you need the keys longer than overnight, just ask our representative to extend the return date on you key form.

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How Is The Title On The Property?

Prior to the seller purchasing the property a complete title search was run and a title insurance policy was purchased.


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How Much To You Charge?

There is no fee for our service. In fact, we do not charge any commissions whatsoever. You will know your net amount at the time you sign the sales agreement.


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